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Donald Joseph Gutteridge (born June 19, 1912 in Pittsburg, Kansas) is a former second and third baseman in Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Browns,Boston Red Sox, and Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as a manager for the Chicago White Sox for two years. He played his first game for the Cardinals at age 24, and in only his second career major league game had six hits in a doubleheader, including an inside-the-park home run and two steals of home plate. He was a good hitter with excellent speed and fielding ability (he turned five double plays in one game in 1944 during the Browns’ only pennant-winning season). Gutteridge was sold to the Red Sox in 1946, where he played in his second World Series. He retired from playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1948. Gutteridge coached for the White Sox for nearly two decades (1951-66 and 1968-69), and in 1969 he succeeded Hall of Famer, Al Lopez as manager. Don scouted for several teams such as the Royals, Yankees, and Dodgers. By the end of his Major League career he had gotten six different World Series rings. As of June 19th, 2006 every year the 19th of June will be known as Don Gutteridge Day in Pittsburg, Kansas.*




*Don Gutteridge information by Wikipedia




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Don Gutteridge at age 96 watching kids play baseball!

Memorable quote from Don:

"The subtle part of coaching is knowing what

not to coach. Give them a little bit of information

at a time and then let them figure it out

themselves. That will teach them how to think,

not just what to think."

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