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PRESS RELEASE               Date:   January 27th, 2012



Pittsburg, Kansas  At the memorial service for Don Gutteridge in September of 2008 an idea was formed by a group of people who Loved Don. The Gutteridge Foundation would be created to pay tribute to Don and his legacy of Love for the City of Pittsburg and its citizens, especially the kids. Difficult financial times may have slowed progress for the last couple years but could never kill our desire to honor one of Pittsburg’s greatest citizens and friends. Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of our campaign to place a bronze sculpture of Don inside Pittsburg’s premier baseball facility, JayCee Ballpark. It is the foundation’s intention to fundraise and accomplish the goal of not only placing a bronze sculpture of Don at the ballpark, but to surround the display with a replica of JayCee Ballpark’s outfield wall embellished with plaques of notable accomplishments of Pittsburg ballplayers and supporters. We wish to create an attraction that will draw people to Pittsburg and take note of Don’s humility and teaching demeanor, his Love of kids, his pride in Pittsburg, and in the end Don’s legacy – the future citizens and ballplayers of Pittsburg. Furthermore we wish to emphasize Pittsburg’s ongoing efforts to promote a high standard of living through excellent parks, strong community support of the arts, and a dedication to future generations. Once a sculpture is selected, and this initial project is completed, the Gutteridge Foundation plans include potentially granting college scholarships, funding improvements of Parks and Recreation facilities, as well as sponsorships and scholarships for Sports camps as well as bringing notable Coaching clinics to Pittsburg.

PROJECT #1 :  Place a life-sized bronze sculpture of Don Gutteridge at JayCee Ballpark in Lincoln Park.

(One sculpture option will be selected by the Gutteridge Foundation Board with the help of the public)

Sculpture Option #1

This life-sized sculpture option is based on a photo of Don as he first joined the St. Louis Cardinals organization. It is to be placed just inside the entrance of JayCee Ballpark in Pittsburg’s Lincoln Park. Don’s youthful exuberance and strength will be captured in this wonderful sculpture. Don wanted all the kids of Pittsburg to know that he made it from here and so can they! When you enter Jaycee Ballpark in Pittsburg you’ll be able to walk right up and pat Don on the shoulder for good luck and know that if you meet your dreams head on with hard work, steadfast resolve, and a healthy lifestyle you will be successful too.

The intent of this sculpture has many facets including forwarding Don’s legacy, honoring and accentuating Don’s positive teaching style and eternal optimism, as well as remembering, honoring, and celebrating a great part of Pittsburg’s history. Furthermore, this memorial to Don Gutteridge will add lasting, meaningful beauty to Lincoln Park, increase tourism, and also help to set Pittsburg apart from other competitors for hosting athletic events. Other benefits include showing genuine effort in keeping Pittsburg’s standard of living high while giving our children a reason to take note of a great citizen and a fine role model who achieved his lofty goals while all along calling Pittsburg, Kansas his home.


Sculpture Option #2


If chosen, this life-sized sculpture would be based on a photo of Don (right) from his days as a major league player and is to be located inside the main entrance of JayCee Ballpark in Pittsburg’s Lincoln Park. Don’s strength and determination are captured in this wonderful sculpture option.


Sculpture Option #3


Email us your photo sculpture ideas at:



Jim Westbrook is an artist in clay, a sculptor (and architect) who specializes in sculpting life-size bronze statues, busts, memorials and relief sculptures of people. Through public and private commissions, he produces and installs full-size bronze sculptures of historical figures, creating commemorations and memorials to coal miners, lumberjacks, train conductors, doctors, arhats, meditators, teachers and professors. Mr. Westbrook was the artist that produced the bronze sculpture for the Miners' Memorial in Immigrant Park located in downtown Pittsburg. His artwork is often installed as outdoor sculpture in memorial parks, town squares, city centers and college campuses. Jim has also created a series of Native American relief portraits in bonded bronze, available for purchase by those who enjoy Indian art.  He lives in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas with his wife, Kathy and wolf dog, Mani, and plays keyboards locally in Jasper Arkansas in a band called Jazzper.


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